Chris Delacruz

Bio: I mentor individuals who want develop their English, communication skills, and confidence through a company I co-founded, the American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP). I conduct corporate training for employees and managers of local and multi-national companies. As a financial advisor and unit manager, I help individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs, with their financial planning, including insurance and investment planning. I can help you set and achieve goals related to your health, education, assets, and other finances. As an entrepreneur and businessman, I can also help your company with business development strategies, including sales and marketing. I can assist you and your with staff training in areas of sales, marketing, and customer service as well. I have recently co-founded the 4H Business Network Philippines, an organization of entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales and marketing professionals. Lastly, I am about to launch my passion project, building libraries throughout the Philippines. I grew up reading books, and it was in this love of reading that I gained my confidence. Every child, not only the rich, should have access to good education, and a good library conducive to learning will definitely help.

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